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Scotland has had a turbulent past - compressed by the Romans, barraged by invaders and lashed by the weather. It has, over 8,000 years of human history. It has carved out an individuality that's recognised across the globe.

Despite accounting for just a third of Great Britain's land mass, its lands are full of contrast. The culture and terrain can alter drastically over any of its countless rolling hills. The geography is some of the most extreme in the United Kingdom. From Britain's largest lake, Loch Lomond, to its highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Not forgetting the exquisite, rocky archipelagos off its northern shores.

Why not holiday by get out on the town in capital Edinburgh. Feel the refreshing breeze out in the open air, exploring ancient standing stones in the Western Isles. Feel part of the shared heritage that unites every inch of this remarkable country.

Golf lovers will be in heaven in the sport's homeland. You'll be hard pressed to find a town without at least one course.

Tour the distilleries. These for centuries have produced another of the country's famous exports: malt whisky, aka "The Water of Life".

Then there are the castles, the ancient battlefields, and the glorious festivals. Be mesmerised by the sound of bagpipes and the words of Robert Burns. Whether you take the high road or the low road, you won't regret a trip to Scotland!

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