The Bun Shop in Cambridge

European cuisine has taken quite a large step forward in the UK over the last 10 years and in the Bun Shop there is no exception to this rule. Quick service of delicious meals or tapas coming one after the other leaves your stomach full and you taste buds tingling!

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Sitting on a corner near Jesus College on King Street is the Bun Shop.

Its name might be misleading, as no one would expect tapas here, but appearances are deceptive.

The restaurant is quite expansive, as there are two separate drinking areas on the ground floor, one directed at beer drinkers and the other for wine connoisseurs, but to get to the tapas, you need to climb up one floor.

I would recommend reserving a table or the room in advance, as demand is quite high. Any tapas fan visiting Cambridge, a selection of small dishes blending a mixture of spices originally from Spain, would feel at home here. You can request a more meat or vegetarian-oriented choice.

Our last visit finished quite late. Unsurprisingly, the wines are mostly Spanish, which need to be drunk slowly as they are quite strong, especially the Rioja.

For the best price, come as a group. The service is fast, as the dishes come quickly one after the other, so bring a large appetite.

The Bun Shop
1 King Street Cambridge
Cambridgeshire CB1 1LH Telephone: 01223 366866